Friday, 23 April 2010

Sometimes you just have to pitch in!

Newmarket has been an exciting, invigorating, and challenging time. The exhibition was a success for our dealers, and I've sold a painting, which is good for me. But now the real work begins - the follow up so necessary in the art game that is so often ignored!

I found when I arrived here, that all artists and dealers present for the Resipole South exhibition had a wonderful camaraderie; a real willingness to pitch in, help set up the exhibition, help talk to clients, etc. I found that because of a volcano eruption last week, I couldn't go home, and decided the best use of my time (beyond a trip to Nice which I REALLY need to do - but that's another story entirely!) was to pitch in and help in any way I could. So, I'm still here in Newmarket, because of the volcano, and because sometimes the artist has to get down off the pedestal they'd like to sit on.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


I've been silent, but I've been painting.....that is always the way. When the creativity wells up inside me, the more worldly parts of my life tend to fall away and have to go on hold! I've finished my jaguar mask (photos to be uploaded soon), and have begun painting Scottish and Moroccan landscapes again. Always such a trip to find out I NEED to paint more to make up for the work taken out of my studio in March for exhibition! I'm working from my photos over the years, but am very much aware that it is time once again to 'hit the road' for new inspiration! The price of petrol this past year has kept me from going out and exploring new parts of Scotland, and I'm suddenly beginning to feel it! I'm also feeling the loss of my digital photos of the high country around Lochaber....means I'm going to have to just walk up to the tops again and reshoot it! Damn!!! But these are all easy problems if I'm creating. Creating also brings in new energy, and I find that people start to visit the studio again.

My next exhibition, with 5 other scottish artists @ Resipole South opens on Monday, 12th April @ The Palace House, Newmarket. I've 16 paintings in the show - a wide range of subjects - and I love the work of the other artists, so its well worth the visit if you happen to be in the south of England next week. The opening is April 13 from 6 - 9 pm, rsvp please. For more information: