Friday, 17 August 2012


New work to show, all a result of my slowly recovering focus on my painting! I'm fluctuating back and forth between Scotland and France - still seeking sunshine. Seeking light! Slight interruptions by suddenly active B&B, but definitely feeling the muse lately! I offer two paintings - one from each. The Allt Thuim Summer painting is a summer view from a favorite spot I've worked from before; but this time, seeking green and light rather than muted reds and browns and drama. Valbonne Square speaks for itself. A lovely place to sit and absorbe the sun (I was there in March, with a horrid cold....nothing like trying to fit in and be part of the fabric of a place, dripping and sneezing and pretending you don't have a fever at all....). But there, with my perfect salad and glass of wine, I forgot my woes and enjoyed watching the people, the light, the action of this lovely, favorite square.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Beginnings, Again!

I am back at the easel again. Really didn't start again until March, and even then its been slow! But I took another inspirational trip to the South of France at the End of March, after spending 3 weeks painting fairly solidly! Illness, grief, and trying to find my way back to the easel slowed me; but now I'm back. Truly. the first painting I did only last month (June), was a lovely landscape overlooking Les Ardrets all the way across to Le Corniche! That painting sold before it was dry! I've also begun a newsletter - which will hopefully bring my clients around the world closer to my studio through the medium of the internet! I'm also searching.....searching for my next project! While I love painting ceilidhs and Scottish landscapes, love painting in France, I still feel like I'm casting about for an anchor like the one CEILIDH! provided for me here in Glenfinnan, and like WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS provided for me when I launched as a full-time artist! Perhaps it will be in Morocco, or even something closer to home.... I'm open to whever direction my heart and feet take me!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Before and After

I've been absent for a number of months. 2011 was the year of tremendous ups and downs, most marked by, first of all, the final illness and death of my beloved Mother, which spanned about 4 months. I continued to work until I had to leave for the final visit, when she died; but haven't touched a brush or written since. It has felt right to sit in silence for awhile. But now, it seems, I may be ready to emerge once again. Now, I believe the painting will help the healing. And so we begin again - a different person than the one who sat at my Mom's bed.